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Valuable Tips And Hints For Video SEO Beginners

In order to reach your intended audience and so not to get lost on the way, you need to optimize your videos to what people are searching for. Only Google is now larger than YouTube and with every minute that goes by, there is another 50 hours of videos that are uploaded. Videos are 50 times more likely to get ranked on Google’s first page than anything else out there. So how do you guaranteethat your videos get the results, you may ask me? The answer isvery simple you use video Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as video SEO. So simplify what you need and also think about your target audience and what they need. You must consider all of their wants and their needs. Build your visibility to a large niche audience that you believe is interested in what you have to offer, by using the following 12 simple and prized tips to help your video reach the elusive first page of Google or YouTube.

Check Your Content Quality.

First you must make sure that all of your videos are educational, relevant and rich in content. Never waste time producing videos that have absolutely nothing to do with your business Brand or services.Choose videos that will always demonstratea step-by-step process or a videothat expresses opinions about valid topics and are naturally quite beneficial. Videos should always be fun, unforgettable, and leave the viewer’s wanting more. If you are using a video production company, make surethey understand the importance of all of these concepts.


Always use attention grabbers in your titles so to attempt to catch the potential viewer’s interest. Use the keywords that can be directly related to your businesses, Brand and Services. Capture the potential client’s attention with a catchy title that contains connected key phrases or keywords that are relevant to your Brand and Services. Do your homework on keyword research and find the words that your audience will be searching for and remember to keep your titles interesting and not just filled with SEO type keywords. See which titles catch your eyes when you pass a magazine rack for example. What makes YOU pick up that magazine?

Tags And Hashes

Make sure to use all of the important key phrases or keywords that are not complicated words or terminology that the average person may not understand or search with. Always make sure to refer back to your keyword homework and always think like your targeted audience might be thinking when they are searching for and looking to find your Brand or Services. Think like your customers! Hash Tag your videos with all of these terms and consider naming the file of the videos with all of these in mind.

Video Description

Make sure that your video’s description as all of the relevant keywords and it also includes a keyword-rich description of your video to naturally help all Search Engines, to index and rank them much higher.


Use Video as a link to all of your other content on your site. Upload videos to portals like YouTube or Vimeo and providethe links back to the related content and other relevant videos on your site.


Good old HTML content is still the hot much-loved with Search Engines everywhere, so always provide transcripts of your videos. If you want your video to rank well, you need to give the Search Engines something to index and rank. Surround all of your videos with, on-page copyif you want your videos to rank even better, that will allow them to be indexed by all of the Search Engines.


Keep your all of your videos shorter than five minutes long. The average amount of time a viewer will spend on sitting through a video is around 1 minute 30 seconds, FACT! All of your long videos,you should break or split them up and Tag them accordingly, this makesfor a better viewing pleasure and multiple videos are also a lot better for your optimization efforts.

Video Sitemaps

Give all of your videosa sitemap to Google so their Search Engine Spiders will find your videos content and index it accordingly and more easily. This is the absolutely best and easiest way for all Search Engines to find your videos content. Use the likes of Google Webmaster, for making a video sitemap and always use important keywords in the anchor text that links to all of your videos featured on your own sitemap.


Incorporate all of your Brand and Logos into your all of videos because it is a great way to produce Brand awareness with your prospects

Embedding Options

Help your videos go viral and allow all of your viewers to be able to access the coding that will embed all of your videos on their website or blog. This will in turn gain prized back links and shares that will boost your rankings in all of the Search Engines.


Submit all of your videos to RSS feed and syndicate your videos as well.

Share, Share, And Share!

Get on all of your other Social Network sitesand look through your email contacts and write on your blogs to get the publicity going. Share all of your videos with anyone and everyone, so they will continue to be shared, thus growing your expanding audience, and in a while it will in turn develop more and more exposure for your Brand or Services.


Video optimization is the best and great way for you to expose your Brand, to others that may otherwise not have been familiar with your Brand, Product, or Services. Get unlimited results on all Search Engines because it is truly a great way to engage,entertain, and promote and market your Brand today!