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Using Twitter For Your Business

Twitter is now being used around the world by all manner of businesses as part of their promotional and marketing needs. They are using Twitter as a step in to the Social Media world. Some believe that NO business gets done on it and that it is a stupid application and some say (Most of us) that they believe in its business value. Let us all forget the Naysayers and let me I offer you 50 thoughts from Twitter users that do believe Twitter is good for their businesses whether they are little man or huge corporations.

First Steps

Everyone wants to see you, so add a photo.

Don’t apologize all of the time. Just be helpful.

Set up your account and start using the Twitter Search Engine to listen for your business, your competitor’s name and any words that would relate to your business sector. (Make sure listening always comes first.)

Show that you are human by talking to people about all of their interests.

Do not just talk about you and your business, talk about other interesting stuff as well.

Always share links and “Tweets” to other things within your business community.

Talk about non-business stuff.

Throw in a few human things like maybe your staffs names.

All of your loyal fans will love you bragging continuously about your stuff or your products, but others will tune out!

Talk about all of your employees and also talk about outside of work things.

Answer question with a question about their needs and requirements.

Have several wise “Twitterers” at work so you can vary your profile and your chats.

When you are promoting a blog or a post, explain what’s coming up next, instead of just closing down a link.

Ask many informed questions. Twitter is GREAT for user’s opinions.

Always follow the interesting people and check out who they are following, it might help your business.

Please don’t brag off too much.

You really don’t have to read all of your “Tweets”.

Talk about your stuff but always make it fun and useful. Always be giving advice, blog posts, pictures, etc.

When you “Tweet” it really means that you believe that all Social Media has a value for the human connection, so point that out with pictures and other human things.

Promote others stuff too.

You do not have to reply to all of your “Tweets” directed at you, but try to reply to some of them and don’t feel guilty about the rest.

Be direct and personal when messaging in a 1-to-1 conversation, if you feel there’s no value to the “Twitter”community, to hear this particular conversation.

Use all of the services like Twitter Search to make sure you see if someone is talking about your business. Try to participate where it makes sense to others.

Always use 3rd party tools like “Tweetdeck” and “Twhirl”to make it a lot easier to manage your Twitter account.

Do not be seen “Tweeting” all day long while your co-workers are very busy.

If you are working on behalf of a client on an hourly basis, don’t be seen to be “Tweeting” all of the time, especially on their time.

Use all of the URL tools like “TinyURL” and all of the variants. It helps tidy up and shorten all of your “Tweets”.

Twitter as always been an “opting out society” so if anyone says you are doing it wrong, forget about them.

Build your online community by commenting on others “Tweets” and “ReTweeting”.

Some Negatives That People Will Throw At You

Twitter takes up too much of your business time.

Twitter stops you from being productive else were in your business rather than being in front of a PC.

Twitter is just about typing and it as no business strategy.

There are better and other ways to develop your business.

Twitter will not replace your customer service.

Twitter is not an enterprise-readysystem and is also extremely buggy.

Twitter is for techno-nerds.

Twitter(only!) as few million account holders.

Twitter will never replace direct email marketing and promoting.

Twitter will openup you’re company to criticism.

And The Positives To Throw Back At Them

Twitter will organize you for great meetups (“Tweetups”).

Twitter is like a massive opinion poll.

Twitter will help people build a “backchannel.”

Break news faster than any other news source with Twitter.

Twitter allows businesses a glimpse at what Real time status messaging can do for their businesses.

Twitter brings great minds all together and that will give you daily opportunities to learn from.

Twitter gives your critics a forum to talk in,so that you can study them.

Twitter will helpwith your business development particularly if your potential clients are online.

Twitter can supplement customer care and service.