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Twitter – Favorites

Twitter Favorites as a Helpful Tool

Twitter favorites are the most underrated and most often forgotten feature of Twitter. Users tend to regard this less. Like the other features of Twitter, you can also make good use of this Twitter tool. It’s really up to you on how to make Twitter favorites a helpful one; it might be on your daily socializing or using it on the business side. What’s important is you have to utilize it to its full potential.

Star Tweets and Get Twitter Favorites

Twitter favorites were first used solely to bookmark tweets you wanted to read first and save. If you find an inspiring quote, an article or a fun tweet from a friend you can save it as your favorite. This Twitter feature is public, meaning other users can see this. It’s like an open index of your favorite tweets, but these days Twitter “favorite” functions likely similar to a “like” button. Twitter users use this to express on how they feel about a tweet. To favorite a tweet, users add stars to it. Tweets get Twitter favorites if users liked it a lot. So the more stars you get on your tweets means you’ve been tweeting awesome stuffs.

How to Get Twitter Favorites on Your Tweets?

In order to get twitter favorites you need to have lots of followers, especially if you’re using Twitter favorites for marketing. You might consider these simple things which are effective for you to get Twitter favorites:

  • Catchy tweets- tweet attention grabbing phrases and make every posting unique, with sense and intriguing.
  • Ask and make friends- ask every friend from Facebook and other social networking  sites to follow your account and ask them to make your tweets their favorite.
  • Like, follow and favorite – follow those users which you think shares the same interest as yours. Like and favorite their tweets, this way you’ll get their attention and due to politeness they will follow you back and you might get Twitter favorites but don’t expect every person you follow will follow you back. That’s a bit impossible.
  • Make dummy accounts- follow and favorite your own tweets but this may sound a bit like cheating and fooling yourself but the Twitter favorite will still count.

To Get Twitter Favorites is Crucial

In most cases it is really hard to gain followers on your own. It will never guarantee you success to get Twitter favorites. An easy solution to this problem is to buy Twitter favorites. When you buy Twitter favorites it will give you several immediate advantages. One of the obvious advantages when you buy Twitter favorites is increasing the traffic. This advantage is really great for businesses because the center of online business is the traffic. Therefore the moment the traffic increases, it will give you an advantage of having many followers which will attract many more followers. This will also mean more potential customers for your business.


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