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Ten Ways On How To Promote Your Business With Twitter

Twitter in the matter of a few years as exploded in to what it is today. Yes it is one of the Largest Social Networking sites out there today and is popular with all classes. Whether, you are a big Celebrity like a Singer, Actor, Actress, Politician, Football Player, or even a house wife. It also offers fantastic opportunities for all businesses to promote and market themselves in the public eye! Here are top 10 essentials ways on how to use it:

First Register Smartly.

When you register and on your own Twitter Biography always be clever because like all other areas of Twitter you will be restricted in the number of characters that you can use. Always bear in mind that Twitter is identical to all other Search Engines so use Keywords that you think people will use when looking for you or your type of products.

Here is a Twitter Glossary.

A Tweet is: An update that a person posts or blogs on to their Twitter page.

A Following is: The member of Twitter that you follow.

A Follower is: The member of Twitter that is following you.

A (RT) or Retweet is: The repost of a post from another members Twitter page.

Make Sure To Always Respond To Others.

Try to show people that you are an expert in your niche, trade or field. Watch particular issues pertinent to your business and use the Twitter Search Engine to trace keywords that are also relevant to your business. Help people, by being willing to offer bits of advice for free, then they will see you are a nice person and then are much more likely to want to talk with you or do business with you.

“Tweet” When You Are Away From Work.

Even, though you may be very busy. Make time to “Tweet” and also if you need to, make appointments at particular times of the day by using a service which sets up pre-scheduled “Tweets” like Hootsuite.

Always Be Human And Personable.

Do not become a faceless organisation in the eyes of all of the other users. Build personality in to your Twitter account by adding a certain human touch and feel about your business. Use your real name when “Tweeting” because this is great for a personal touch. Here’s an idea, always post a little of your personal stuff or your personal interest’s without being too scandalous.

Always Ask Good Questions.

Yes answer any of the viewer’s questions, but also be asking some of your own, so to boost interaction within the community. Even do some market research on yourself and your business sector.

Every Character You Type Counts.

Remember you can only use 140 characters in which to say what you want! So be to the point and concise with what you want to say.

“Retweet”, “Retweet”, “Retweet”!

Do not just talk about your products and services; try “Retweeting” about all kinds of useful or interesting facts that are on other peoples accounts as well. It demonstrates to all of your Followers that you are willing to share tips and advice. It could potentially inspire an influential member to start following you!

“Tweet” While You Are On The Move.

Just because you are away from your office try using your phone or other PC’s to keep people up to date with everything in your day.

Who Should You Follow.

Forget all of the Celebrities, “so to speak” and concentrate on your own businesses niche and try to follow some potential clients. Use Twitter Search Engine to search for “Tweets” in your area of expertise, niche, etc. Mr Tweet, will help suggest who to check out. Twitter Grader,will grade you and this will provide a list of top “Tweeters” in your local area. Twellow.comlets you search all of the member’s biographies, etc.

It Is Not All About You And Your Business.

Post your “Tweets” about subjects that are not linked to you or your business. Secondly, do not push your business or its products at any of the members. Always post Fun or Interesting facts about your your business.