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How To Use FaceBook And Twitter For A Small Business

If you think it is now time to move up a gear with your new or small business or you just want to increase your Brands awareness and you haven’t already done it, then it is time to step in to the world of Social Media. The first few steps are difficult in to it and must be planned and done correctly. Have or make clear goals for yourself and fully understand how others will expect you to behave within Social Media. Here are some simple, doe’s and don’ts for two of the behemoths of the Social Media world, (Facebook and Twitter) and if you follow these hints it will ensure you make the most of your limited time and resources.


People will use Twitter to help flag up news regarding what they are interested in, also hot ideas, they may ask for any advice, and to naturally exchange any views. So above all you must be clever to use Twitter to help grow and develop your Brand does.

With Twitter being not just a giant PR Marketing Channel, but really it is a huge gateway to your potential customers so set your stall out and makes your Business goals and objectives your target to realize from the very beginning. Use Twitter as the sound board for all of your feedback on any of your products whether new or old. Use Twitter to help your company with any issues that need to be sorted out, for example, Improvement of your Customer care line, etc. Use Twitter to recruit employees as well as clients. Twitter offers the facility to follow viewers to other networks, so use it. Keep clients abreast with what is happening with all of your products and services. Always choose which of your staff have the ability to update your Twitter account on your behalf. No idiots so only use “Wise Owls” so to speak.

Make sure that you are always Personal and authentic and let your Followers get to know the real you, behind your Business front. Above all be warm, approachable and fun to be around, online or offline.

As I mentioned before do not allow ‘Anyone’ access to update your businesses Twitter account. So, no lowly interns or fools that could potentially damage your business image, online. You need that special someone who can engage customers in the right way, with that right tone and that who understands all of the needs of all of your customers. Make sure you pick a wise member of staff who is knowledgeable and who is a good listener.


What you should do

Try not to be boring and predictable and above all, try to be Original. You must stand out and fit in with the environment because you may be competing with other news feeds and businesses and you could also be competing with your customer’s family and friends.

Try promoting your Businesses Responsibilities on your Landing page, so to encourage user engagement and provide information of it and also try to allow different advertising campaigns to be run globally on it as well. Use a loyalty program with exclusive offers and gifts to your loyal Facebook Followers and even run, fun competitions with gifts as a major reward for them all. Decide what Social Media strategy you desire that is designed to achieve the most and keep your focus on it. Be above all, entertaining, interesting, polite, apologetic and even sometimes humble whenever it is necessary. But just be you at all times!

What you should not do

Never ever try to sell or market your products or services on Facebook. Use Facebook to show the entire world your soul and your Brand. Display the passions and inspirations of your staff and yourself instead. Always show that you are grateful to your customers, keeping them informed, even educated and entertained but never be patronizing to them. Don’t worry about any negative comments you and your product may gain but never avoid trying to answering them or managing them. Don’t hide or delete them under “the carpet” so to speak also.