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Find Your Customers On Twitter

As Social Networking Platforms go, Twitter is one of the Largest and most Innovative out there today. It allows users in real time to interact and communicate in an effortless and fluid way. Twitter as generated a new Promoting and Marketing method for businesses to display their wares, to the entire world. Let’s look at 5 ways to influence this medium to help form your business:

The Twitter Search Engine.

For the very best in Real time active feedback, Twitter will help all types’ products and services imaginable. How will this help you can be said in three little words, Twitter Search Engine! The Twitter Search Engine is fully connected within Google. Google is incorporated in to the Twitter experience. The Twitter Search Engine represents a near simultaneous,half loop of customer intentions. Whatever the product or service that you market, someone somewhere will be talking about itright now on Twitter.All you have to do is find these people by searching the most relevant keywords associated within your market place and sector and then join in, in to their conversations by sending a useful message that contains pertinent information or advice to them. But be cautious! There is obviously a fine line, between being that pushy salesman or that stalker and being attentive and proposing advice. Always be helpful to people and above all,polite. You will find that the rate of replies that you get will be proportional to how much value you create for your potential customers. The standard tools that Twitter offer, are not going take your business to a higher level, so also upgrade!

Find Who Influencers And Are Listened To.

The “Influencers” (People who influence others with their input) are the true Gatekeepers to that attention pool that you so desperately want access to. It is best for you to insert useful bits of information into the Influencers Conversations or Streams, such as a link to an item, a fact about theirs or your topic, or even a short anecdote. It might seem a waste of time to you, but what if one of these random Influencers “Tweets” you back, then it is more than just a “Tweet”. It will be a signal to the mechanism and to the entire micro community that you are real and legit. Blindly “Tweeting” to anyone will not help your business, regrettably. How do you identify the influencers amongst the rest of the community? Well that’s easy, it is the number of followers an individual has on Twitter that is an indication of how influential they are. Go search on Google Blog Search or Technorati,to find these Influencers by looking for the highest trafficked blogs in your vertical. Check to see if they have a Twitter account and if they do follow them and see what makes them tick.

Your Profile Biography.

Create a Profile Biography that is relevant. It is also very important that you understand that any potential customer on Twitter will take time to look at your Biography so to pre-qualify and vet you and to see if you offer them something timely, interesting and helpful.

Make Sure That You Use A Relevant Twitter Domain Name.

One way of earning trust is to choose and have a relevant name and domain name for your business and not just a set of letters and numbers, for example, if the user “Tweets”, “I am looking for a New Fabulous Hair cut?” Who are they going to respond to? Twitter Account user XXZ333 or, Toms Magnificent Hair Salon? I will let you decide!

Add Your Business Twitter URL On To Your Business Card/Email Signature.

Always make sure that you add your Twitter URL to both, your business cards and your email signatures. It’s amazing how many customers will interact with you via their email. So makesure you’re Twitter URL, is as easy to find as your phone number, etc.