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A Guide On How To Start Your YouTube Advertising

Today, one of the most popular websites on the planet, especially when it comes to video
uploading is YouTube. It is said that YouTube as over a Trillion visitors each and every month.

Every minute around 100 hours of new videos are being uploaded to YouTube alone. These
avid viewers whether they are looking for a product or service or they may just be bored and
are trolling the site, but between them they view over 5 Billion hours of content each and
every month. YouTube’s following is totally unbelievable. Any business owner that wants
to promote and market their products and services should use its powers now.

In marketing terms only a fool would over look its power, so if you want to advertise on YouTube for the
very first time then this basic guide is just for you. You could find more intricate information including ROI from YouTube Ads but this will help you on your way.

1. Firstly you should create a Google Ad Words Account for yourself by going to and at the same time create your very new Video Advertising Campaign.

2. Then you should link your Google Ad Words to your YouTube Channel. Click “Linked YouTube accounts” and fill the link in that joins your YouTube Account with your Google Ad Words account.

3. Go then to the General settings and choose your desired budget per day, start small at first then scale it up later. The average person will spend in between $0.01 – $0.23, but the good thing is that you will not have to pay Google unless your entire Ad has been watched.

4. Then you must choose the specific area that you wish to target with your Advert, Such as, Country, Region, City, Zip code, IP Addresses, etc. If it is a case that all you are doing is building your Brands awareness then you can be less targeted but on the other hand if you are looking to capture sales then be more specific so the better qualified to buy your viewers will be.

5. Obviously the next thing to do is upload your video and choose whether you want to showcase it and make it eye catching, fun and of course different.

6. On your Advanced settings choose the right time of the day that you want you’re Advert to be shown and the start and end dates of your new adverts. I also recommend that you shut your Adverts off between Midnight and 6.00AM but have them showing during Lunch, Dinner and Play times that your prospective targeted clients are more likely to be eying through YouTube.

7. You also must choose the devices you believe that will help your Advertising campaign such as Mobile Phones, Desk Top PC’s, Lap Tops, iPads, etc.

8. Make sure you select the targeted age, gender and specifics on what topics you want to show up for. Obviously the more specific that you are will get you better results. The more and more in depth into what categories, words, phrases, hash tags, websites and interests that you use, will show up with for a better audience once targeted. Be as specific as you can!

9. Use Specific Keywords or groups of Keywords to potentially target your customers. Make sure you use the Google Keyword Tool to help you find all of the relevant terms for your Advert.

Hopefully this guide will help you be a little more successful and for you to get those quality viewers that turn in to your Customers.